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Friday, November 30, 2012

Lattice Crocheted Drink Sleeve-Free pattern

Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts’ Lattice Drink Sleeve

3 ½” tall x 3 ½” wide

1. Read instructions all the way through before beginning.
2. I used Lion Cotton (by Lion Brand Yarn) 100% Pure Cotton (Worsted Weight) yarn which doesn't have as much stretch as others. If you use a different type of yarn (especially one with more stretch), you may have to alter the pattern by going down a hook size to maintain the project measurements I stated above. I also tend to have really tight stitches, so when yo do Row 1 (the FSC), if it doesn't measure 7", then you need to adapt. If it measure LONGER, then try going DOWN a hook size. If it measures SHORTER, try going UP a hook size :)

Worsted weight yarn, about 1 ounce
Size K (
6.5 mm) crochet hook
Gauge: 8 FSC =
2 inches
Yarn needle for weaving in ends

FSC: foundation single crochet
SC: single crochet
CH: chain
STs: stitch(s)

Row 2: SC in fourth ST from hook, *CH3, skip next ST, SC in next TWO STs*, repeat from * to * 7 more times, CH3, turn

Row 3: SC in CH3 space, *CH3, SC in CH3 space*, repeat from * to * 7 times, CH3, turn

Rows 4-7: repeat Row 3

Row 8: repeat row 3 omitting the CH3 at the end, CH1, turn

Row 9: SC in SC, *2SCs in CH3 space, SC in SC*, repeat from * to * 6 times, SC in last CH3 space (25 STs)
Fasten off leaving tail to sew short ends together.

Line up short ends, creating a cylinder (fold the ‘right side’ of the piece inside, you will be sewing the ends together while looking at the ‘wrong side’).

Stitch short ends together (take care to not pull the stitches too tight, therefore pulling the ends together and changing the shape of the piece).

Fasten off and weave in ends.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, corrections.

NOTE: This is a free pattern, written by me. Please do not sell or claim it as your own. If you choose to sell items made from my patterns, please credit me as the pattern author by including my facebook fanpage link:

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