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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Get your page/blog/business/website featured on my facebook sidebar!

Free advertising opportunity for you!

I will feature up to 10 facebook fanpages on MY fanpage per week from Wednesdays (after the Wish-I-Win-Wednesday event os over) through Saturday night (when I will change the featured pages to the WIWWs sponsors' pages).

Comment on this blog post, or post on my fanpage wall ( if you'd like to be featured.

This is a great, FREE advertising opportunity that is too good to pass up.

Cheers! ~Lisa


  1. I would love to be featured!

  2. Only 1 more spot left for this week.....I will create a waiting list for next week as well if more are interested :)

  3. I have a full count of 10 pages featured for this week. Feel free to continue to comment here or on my facebook fanpage and I will start a list for next week :) Hope this gets you all some exposure!


  4. Oh sorry forgot to add my page. LOL

  5. I will add you to the list for this week Shelley :) Look for your page to rotate on the sidebar starting tomorrow (on my facebook page) :)