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Monday, November 7, 2016

Persephone Beanie: Pattern #18 of the 2016 Holiday Stashdown CAL

Welcome to pattern #18 of the #HolidayStashdownCAL2016

the Persephone Beanie!

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Now for the pattern!!!

Persephone Beanie

By using this pattern you agree to the Pattern Terms of Use set forth by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts
This pattern is the intellectual property of Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts. Rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying this pattern as your own, and/or without my consent is prohibited. If you wish to sell finished items produced from this pattern, feel free to do so. However, I ask that you please credit me as the pattern designer and link back to me as follows:
Pattern by Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts
#4 worsted: less than 250 yds

Crochet hooks: H/8 (4mm)
Stitch markers (optional), scissors, tapestry/yarn needle, tape measure


Teen/Adult: approximately 18” around

Teen/Adult size(with H hook): 7scs x 8 rows= 2”x2” square swatch

ch(s): chain(s), sc: single crochet, sc2tog: single crochet two stitches together(decrease), hdc: half double crochet, hdc2tog: half double crochet two stitches together(decrease), dc: double crochet, fpdc: front post double crochet, fptrc: front post treble/triple crochet, st(s): stitch(es),  sl st: slip stitch, fsc: foundation single crochet

  • Turning chains DO NOT count as a stitch (unless where noted).


Row 1: fsc 32 (32sts) (measures approximately 7” long)
Row 2: ch2, turn, hdc in each st around (32sts)
Row 3: ch4 (counts as first sc and ch3), turn, skip next st, sc in next st, *ch3, skip next st, sc in next st*, repeat from * - *to end (17 scs + 16 ch3’s)
Row 4: ch3, turn, *skip next ch3 SPACE, dc in next ch3 SPACE, fpdc around previously skipped ch3 space, fptrc around same previously skipped ch3 space*, repeat from * - * to end, dc in first ch(counted as the first sc) of the ch4 at the beginning of R3 (8 ‘clusters’ or ‘bumps’)
Row 5: ch1, turn, sc in next THREE sts, TWO scs in next st, *sc in next TWO sts, TWO sts in next st*, repeat from * - * til THREE sts remain unworked, sc in each of last three sts (32sts)

Persephone post stitch tutorial Collage.jpg

Repeat R2-R5 until your piece measures approximately 18” long (ending with a R2)

  • Decide which texture you want as the “right side”/outside of your hat (one side looks like “X’s”, the other side has “puffs”)
  • (With wrong side facing out) Ch1, loosely slip stitch the short ends together to form a cylinder. (32sts)
  • (Turn piece 90 degrees so you’re now working in ends of rows) Ch1, sc 50 evenly around (in ends of rows), join w/sl st in first sc. (50sts)
  • Ch2, (no turn), *hdc in next three sts, hdc2tog over next two sts*, repeat from * - * to end (40sts)
  • Ch2, (no turn), *hdc in next two sts, hdc2tog over next two sts*, repeat from * - * to end (30sts)
  • Ch2, (no turn), *hdc in next st, hdc2tog over next two sts*, repeat from * - * to end (20sts)
  • Ch1, (no turn), *sc2tog over next two sts*, repeat from * - * to end (10sts)

Fasten off, leaving a long tail. Using tapestry/yarn needle weave tail in and out of remaining sts, fasten off and weave in all ends.

I hope you enjoyed the Persephone Beanie pattern. You can find my other designs HERE

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Have Fun!