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Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Boho Chic Belt/Scarf crochet pattern

Boho Chic Belt/Scarf

a free pattern by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts

Boho Chic Belt/Scarf worn as Belt

Summertime is a time for laid back and relaxed fashion but that doesn't mean you can't show off some beachy gypsy style with the Boho Chic Belt/Scarf! Pair it with denim shorts and a tunic or flowy linen capris and a tank. 

By using this pattern you agree to the Pattern Terms of Use set forth by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts
This pattern is the intellectual property of Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts. Rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying this pattern as your own, and/or without my consent is prohibited. If you wish to sell finished items produced from this pattern, feel free to do so. However, I ask that you please credit me as the pattern designer and link back to me as follows:
Pattern by Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts

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Any weight yarn between Fine/Sport (#2) and Worsted (#4)
Any hook sizes from E/4 (3.5mm) to G/6 (4mm), stitch markers, measuring tape, tapestry needle, 1 1/2”-2” metal ring (D-ring or metal keychain split ring works great), embellishments for ends of strands (beads, shells, charms)
Customizable by adjusting lengths of strands. Cut strands at approximately 9 times body measurement (relaxed waist measurement for belt or neck for scarf).
Not applicable
ch(s) - chain(s), sc - single crochet, sl st – slip stitch
It's better to cut your strands on the longer side and trim back before adding embellishments if needed than to cut them to short.


Step 1: Attach yarn (I recommend worsted weight for this step for better coverage over the ring) to ring with a sl st, sc around ring until it is covered with stitches without "crowding" or "puckering" but showing little to no metal between the stitches, join w/ sl st in first st.

Step 2: Ch1, turn, sl st in each st around, join w/sl st in first st, fasten off and weave in all ends.

(make as many as you like in any weight yarn from fine to worsted and any size hooks from E to G)
Step 1: Cut your yarn strands approximately 9 TIMES the body part measurement (relaxed waist measurement for belt or neck measurement for scarf)
Step 2: Fold one strand in half and loop the folded end through a stitch on the ring then (working with BOTH strands now) sl st to secure around ring. <see pics>

Step 3: Ch to end (with BOTH yarn strands) leaving approximately 2" for attaching embellishments later, fasten off but do NOT weave in ends.

Repeat these steps in adjacent stiches for each strand you choose to add to your ring (I attached 7 for the piece in the pics)

(added to ends of strands to weigh them down while wearing)
Feed tail ends of strands through embellishments and secure with multiple knots.


Wear and enjoy!

Boho Chic Belt/Scarf worn as Scarf

I hope you enjoyed the Boho Chic Belt/Scarf. You can find my other patterns HERE.

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