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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Charming Cherry Blossom Square~2015 Mystery Lapghan CAL

Charming Cherry Blossom Square pattern

by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts for the 2015 Mystery Lapghan CAL

Charming Cherry Blossom 6" Square #crochet pattern by #KaleidoscopeArtnGifts

In the spirit of my well loved Charming Cherry Blossom crochet patterns collection I've designed this free Charming Cherry Blossom 6" Square for the 2015 Mystery Lapghan CAL. The pattern includes the 'How to Stain/Paint Your Crochet' tutorial for using this technique to color your blossoms, otherwise you can use a solid color crochet thread for your blossoms.

I feel blessed and honored to be on the distinguished list of talented designers who have generously designed one (or more) 6" square crochet patterns for this event. Click HERE to join the CAL event to participate and to find more info on contributing designers and their pattern links.

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By using this pattern you agree to the Pattern Terms of Use set forth by Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts
This pattern is the intellectual property of Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts. Rewriting, reselling, distributing, or copying this pattern as your own, and/or without my consent is prohibited. If you wish to sell finished items produced from this pattern, feel free to do so. However, I ask that you please credit me as the pattern designer and link back to me as follows:
Pattern by Lisa Jelle/Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts

  • Caron Simply Soft (or comparable #4/worsted weight), less than 50 yards in main square color, plus approximately 24" in buds color.
  • #3 weight yarn, less than 2 yards in branch color.
  • #10 crochet thread, less than 3 yards for blossoms (it’s recommended that you use white or off white IF you’re going to stain/paint them).

  • Hooks: I/10 (6mm) for square, G/6 (4mm) for branches & buds, B/1 (2.25mm) for blossoms
  • Scissors, stitch markers, measuring tape, tapestry/yarn needle
  • Staining/painting supplies (for included tutorial)
·         Permanent markers in colors of choice for blossoms
·         Rubbing alcohol
·         Medicine Dropper/Plastic Syringe/Q-tip

Intermediate (because of special technique: surface crochet)

Finished size of square is 6"x6"

(With J hook) 7scs x 7 rows= 2"x2" square (blocked)

ch(s) - chain(s), sc - single crochet, flosc - front loop only single crochet, blosc - back loop only single crochet, st(s) - stitch(es),  sl st - slip stitch


FREE 'How to Stain/Paint Your Crochet' tutorial by #KaleidoscopeArtnGifts exclusively for #Cre8tionCrochet

Square (with #4 yarn and I hook)
Row 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook and across (21sts)
Row 2: ch1, turn, *flosc in next st, blosc in next st*, repeat from * - * to end (you should be ending on an flosc) (21sts)
Rows 3-21: repeat R2 (do not fasten off)
Trim: ch3, turn piece 90 degrees clockwise (counterclockwise for left handed), sc in ends of rows to next corner, ch3, turn piece 90 degrees again, sc across to end, ch3, turn piece 90 degrees again, sc in ends of rows to next corner, ch3, turn piece 90 degrees again, sc across to end, join w/sl st in base of first ch3 (84scs)

CCB square.jpg

Branches (surface crochet with #3 yarn and G hook) (Keep stitches loose, so they don’t pull/distort the piece)
  • Insert hook (right side TO inside) and pull up a loop. 
  • Crochet branches using sl sts to create a line at desired angle, also known as surface crochet. 
  • Add a second ‘line’ in parts where you want the branch to appear ‘thicker’. 
  • When your branches reach the desired length, fasten off and weave in ends.
  • Repeat process for additional branches coming off the main one.


CCB square with branches.jpg

Buds (using #4 yarn and tapestry/yarn needle)
Using tapestry needle threaded with #4 yarn color of your choice, stitch on flower buds <see pic>, wherever you like.


Blossoms (using #10 crochet thread and B hook)

**IF you’re planning on staining/painting your blossoms according to the provided tutorial I suggest you use white or off white**

Round 1: Make a mc, sc 10 inside mc, join w/sl st in 1st st (10)
Round 2: *ch2, skip next st, sc in next st*, repeat 4 more times (5 ch2 spaces), do NOT join.

StainPaint crochet tute-5 ch2 spcs.jpg

Round 3: *sl st in next ch2 space, ch1, 6 dcs in same ch2 space, ch1, sl st in same ch2 space (one petal made)*, repeat from * to * 4 more times (5 petals made), fasten off leaving long tail for sewing
(NOTE: scs or hdcs may be used in place of dcs for ‘just opening’ petals)

StainPaint crochet tute-finished blossom.jpg

**follow tutorial for staining/painting blossoms, then sew on to desired item after they dry.

Charming Cherry Blossom 6" Square #crochet pattern by #KaleidoscopeArtnGifts
Blossoms WITHOUT Stain/Paint technique applied

Whether you joined the 2015 Mystery Lapghan CAL or not, I hope you enjoyed the Charming Cherry Blossom Square crochet pattern! You can find the rest of the Charming Cherry Blossom patterns as well as my other designs in my Ravelry Store HERE

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