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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Winners list for the 1500 fan extravaganza!


Kaleidoscope Art&Gifts 1500 Facebook fan extravaganza WINNER LIST

Item#    Sponsor Name                                 Winner name

  1. Adventures of My Family of 8             Melissa Miller
  2. BabyMine Boutique                            Erica Renee King(re-draw)
  3. Quick and Easy Mixes...                     Lisa Parliman Wieland
  4. Quick and Easy Mixes...                     Ellen Shepherd
  5. My 3 little Kittens                                Elisha Framkin
  6. *Gotta Go Wickless*                           Ape Bilbrey
  7. Sampler Village                                  Breanne Kaiser
  8. Central WA Cloth Diaper parties        Joni Sigurdson-Simpson
  9. Dawn Quicksell Hipsley...                   Lily Kwan
  10. Tree’s Toddler Toppers                     Lisa Sarmiento(re-draw)
  11. Azure Skies Photog. & Crafts             Cara Schneider
  12. AG’s Soaps                                        Crystal Ehret
  13. Red Wagon Babies                            Audreyanna Maddox-Lipshield
  14. Thirty One Gifts~Kerry Clark              Kelly Blouse
  15. Rub A Dub Scrub(Auction)                 Kelly Smith($6.50 bid)
  16. UR Garters                                         Rhonda Bailey
  17. Kona’s Creations(Lariat)                    Terri Stubblefield Crum(re-draw)
  18. Kona’s Creations(Gecko)                   Crystal Ehret(re-draw)
  19. Kona’s Creations(Mini Gecko)            Amy Grey(re-draw)
  20. Kona’s Creations(3-pc set)                 Terri Stubblefield Crum(re-draw)
  21. Scentspirations~Beth Hargett             Lori Vincent Compton
  22. Crea Tiffany’s                                     April Terry Nantz
  23. Crea Tiffany’s                                     Kates Giveaways
  24. Glorious Memory                                Megan Webb
  25. BowBiz Dog Bows                               Amber Keller-Beer
  26. All That Glitters Boutique                   Carol Santora
  27. Ginger Hares                                      Sally Zinger
  28. Tangible Visions Photography           Angie Himes
  29. “Wickless Candles” Kimberly Bell       Nina Hi
  30. Knot Just Bows                                   Cindy Clark
  31. Babee Crafts                                      Melissa Sanchez
  32. Mygirls Mark                                       Cerissa Beveridge
  33. Cranky Cat Studio                              Oanh Ball
  34. JOEY Dresses~By Amy Rey               Erica Binx ($12.00 bid)
  35. GossipGalGifts                                   Michelle Combs
  36. Shel’s Tarts                                        Lisa Garner
  37. Kaleidoscope Art&gifts                       Nancy Jenson ($5.00 bid)
  38. Kaleidoscope Art&gifts                       Beth Hargett(re-draw)
  39. Kaleidoscope Art&gifts                       Lupita Soto
  40. Cute Hippie Chic Boutique                 Susn D'Alesandro Wilder(re-draw)
  41. Tutu Terrific                                       Angie Himes
  42. Just Jewelry w/MommyOf3Peas         Amy DiPiano
  43. Hunt’s Wood Creations                      Rhonda Bailey


*If you didn't win this time, try your luck during one (or more) of our Wish-I-Win-Wednesday Flash Giveaways that start tomorrow! Read about these giveaways under the discussion tab on my facebook fanpage.


  1. Congratulations winners and congratulations to Kaliedoscope for reaching over 1500 fans!! Happy business times ahead :-)

  2. :) Congrats to ALL The Winners and Congrats and THANK YOU to Kaliedoscope for Hosting and Reaching 1500 Fans!! :)

  3. New winner was drawn for prize #10 (from Tree's Toddler Toppers). The new winner is: Lisa Sarmiento. Grzta Lisa!!!